2015 Election – Result

In a shock result, South Staffordshire has fallen to the Conservative hoards.

Claire McIlvenna received 1,298 votes, comfortably keeping her deposit and multiplying the only previous Green result by more than 250%, despite Claire having had very little notice or time to fight her campaign. I’m sure we would all like to congratulate her on an impressive first performance on the political stage.

Across the country, Greens only existing MP, Caroline Lucas, kept her seat with an increased majority and the Party had a percentage of the votes that under a simple proportional system would have delivered 25 seats. Under the First Past The Post system it brought only the existing seat. A fair voting system needs to be a top priority for the Green Party. Caroline Lucas has already made it clear that she would work with any other party to achieve that improvement.

Liberal Democrats lost both seats and deposits after softening many of their environmental policies; a previous LibDem MP frequently being beaten by a new Green candidate.

Unless Liberal Democrats rejoin the fight to protect our fragile planet it appears:

  • The future is Green; the future isn’t orange.

After the Scottish independence referendum delivered it’s “No” verdict, membership of the Scottish National Party soared because people felt cheated by the Westminster government. This is a time when a surge in Green Party Membership would help to demonstrate the level of support for electoral change. Membership is available from £5 for annual student membership, here:

Why haven’t I heard from my local Green Party candidate?

Claire was a very late entrant to the election, after she had arranged a holiday with her family in Australia. She arrived back home on Saturday, so only has this week to campaign. She plans to put her greatest effort into supporting the closely fought campaign in Dudley, where the Green Party stand the most realistic chance of winning the seat.

Claire was persuaded by other members of the Green Party to give the people of South Staffordshire a local candidate they felt was worth voting for. She hopes to use the election to launch more active participation by the Green Party in local politics in South Staffordshire. She has a particular interest in climate change issues and mitigating actions that can be taken to avoid climate chaos.

Like most environmental politics, the timing was unfortunate but if she didn’t start right now, it would be too late. A vote for the Green Party in South Staffordshire tells the other parties that you care about different things to them and they have ignored your concerns. It says you want a change to the voting system, so no-one ever has to vote tactically again.

Can the Green Party win this election?

http://election.bond.org.uk/constituencies/south-staffordshire rates the chance of Conservative candidate and previous South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson winning the election at 100%, clearly believing that no other candidate stands any chance. It has been held by Conservatives since the seat was created in 1974. It is a VERY safe seat. According to Bond, there is no risk in voting Green.

There was no Green candidate at the 2010 election. There has only been one Green candidate, in 2005, when Kate Spohrer received 437 votes to achieve 1.7% of the vote.

South Staffordshire is one of the seats and 2015 the year in which your vote could safely send a strong message to other parties that we don’t like the way they operate and that there are more important things than winning.

Don’t spoil your vote and don’t waste it. Vote Green.